A New Era of Interim Leadership Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know

It used to be that the necessity for temporary leadership was simple—and rather uncommon. It started when a permanent executive, generally in the C-suite, left unexpectedly.

An interim executive’s job was equally simple: come in effortlessly and perform exactly what the regular executive had done, but only for a limited time. Relationships between managers and employees remained unbroken. Many of the interim executives were corporate retirees or board members. The main purpose was to keep the ship afloat and buy time until a new permanent executive could take over, not to drive through new projects.

Interim leadership is becoming more popular because of changes in the talent market and the fast-paced pace of change within major organizations. Interim executives are increasingly being used to supplement a company’s human resource assets while also improving “talent liquidity” at the CEO level and promoting change and innovation. Interim leaders are being deployed on demand, in more strategic ways than ever before, across an increasingly diverse array of categories, from a Head of Corporate Affairs who plays an enhanced role during a defined period of transition to Integration Leaders whose roles literally disappear over time. They assist businesses in launching new projects and filling skills gaps in difficult-to-fill positions. They act as discreet counsel to permanent executives who are relocating to a new location.

Here’s why and how your business may cash in on the trend:


Employee tenure has decreased even in the C-suite. Permanent CEOs have an average tenure of nearly seven years, whereas CFOs have an average tenure of little over five years. CMOs are only good for 43 months. At the same time, according to the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, finding the ideal permanent executive can take anywhere from two to five months. There is increasingly a lag between the end of a successful search and the start of a new position, lengthening the effective time-to-hire.

Against this backdrop, more changes are occurring with greater regularity for practically all businesses and industries. “Change is the new normal,” according to publications ranging from Harvard Business Review to Forbes. Customers can now interact with you in new ways thanks to modern technology. Old inefficiencies are exposed by modern analytics technologies, which open up new product potential. Team structures have become even more fluid and dynamic as Agile methods have become more widely used.

Build vs. Run: The executive who spearheads the strategic implementation of a new CRM or builds a data science hub isn’t always the best person to lead the charge in the future.

Market Timing: Finding permanent leadership for a business unit that is going to be sold is inefficient, if not impossible.

Finite Initiatives: Once the task is completed, the skills required to integrate a new acquisition or complete a change may no longer be required.

Sequencing: When a business function is in change and C-suite leadership is in flux, it might be challenging to recruit VPs at a lower but no less crucial level.

Over time, resolving these issues becomes more about finding ways to fund near-continuous company transitions rather than filling a specific temporary opening. How can you keep moving forward when you don’t have time to discover the ideal permanent hiring, or when a permanent hire isn’t suited for your current business situation or appears to be unavailable?

Fortunately, a new on-demand talent pool has emerged to assist organizations to meet these demands: executives who choose to be self-employed and build a portfolio of interim CEO or C-Suite roles. When you combine it with firms like Business People Group, which helps clients locate and evaluate talent, scope assignments, and support the engagement, you have rapid, flexible “interim” resourcing at all levels, from the C-suite to VP and Director. International Executive Consulting LLC is the finest choice for firms looking to engage the best top-level Interim Executives to help them reach new heights of success in a short period of time. For more information, shoot an email with your queries at info@interimcsuiteservices.com so that we can provide you the best solutions for your need.

Interim Management – A Strategy to Optimize Companies | IEC LLC

An Interim Manager introduces positive attitude, energizes, causes a review of the ways of doing things, prints a new rhythm, generates strategic vision, provides optimism and enhances leadership in the organization.

We are in a new era, characterized by the speed of change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity . Organizations seek to quickly adapt to the situation, fine-tune their structures, improve their productivity, reduce their costs, develop people so that they contribute all their talent… and all this at the lowest cost, since their financial positions have suffered with the latest crises.

Business competitiveness is stronger than ever today. Digital channels, the immediacy of information, the power of consumers and customers, and entrepreneurial trends have made it increasingly difficult to position oneself and have real impact and recognition in the market. Hence, the keys that make a company successful lie in its organizational culture, in its way of working, in its direction and in the work plans focused on fulfilling its mission.

What profiles can I hire when faced with a need in my organization?

There are three main options offered by the market when faced with a management need:

  1. A traditional consulting company with a commercial contract, they are not part of the staff and they are not executives
  2. An executive director with an employment contract: he will be a part of the staff, has higher selection costs, risks and if he has a minimum experience of 15 years, his salary will be very high
  3. An Interim CEO: through a commercial contract, part-time or full-time, not part of the staff, easy selection process, flexible costs, lower risks and very executive

Therefore, an effective solution and in full trend with the market, is the figure of the Interim Manager, a professional with proven experience, superior academic training and a broad and inclusive vision. Unlike a consultant who suggests and proposes, he always executes and implements.

We can define Interim Managers or management by transition, as a strategic tool to address the management of the speed of change and the development of the organization during a certain period of time and with previously defined objectives.

Interim Management aims to strengthen the company’s management capacity while ensuring transparency on the execution of the agreed strategic plan and generating the trust of all partners. In a few words, Interim Management, through the setting of objectives, creates, streamlines and improves the performance of projects and companies.

The average execution time of an Interim Manager is between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the objectives set and the situation of the organization. After this time and having fulfilled the objectives, he leaves the organization, leaving the people on his team trained and educated to continue the work.

It is very important to detail the benefits an Interim Manager or an Interim CEO provides, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • Experience, acquired in various management positions and sectors
  • Objectivity, an external and independent vision not conditioned by the history or the idiosyncrasies of the organization
  • Efficacy, focused on achieving the defined objectives
  • Commitment, remains in the organization for the purpose for which he was hired
  • Speed, a learning period is not necessary as it is a senior professional
  • Flexibility, adapt quickly to drive change
  • Responsibility, is the person directly responsible for the assigned project
  • Controlled cost, works with agreed fees and only generates additional salary payments if the set objectives are met
  • Talent accredited by a minimum experience of 20 years in executive management

It is necessary to highlight a key aspect, the exit plan , its adequate articulation is essential so that its work is complete and the organization does not suffer when it leaves.

At International Executive Consulting LLC, we offer productivity and business development strategies based on Interim Management, providing competitiveness so that projects have greater possibilities of development and success. We train your teams through our Training Cycle: Tools to define the mission or purpose, manage the personal brand and develop the business model. To hire us or for more details shoot us an email today at info@interimcsuiteservices.com.

Immersive Technologies & Interim Management Expand Business

Nowadays, the metaverse and business concepts capture the attention of many companies that want to be more visible and competitive in their sectors. This is because within this reality, companies will be able to improve the interaction with their customers and offer them multiple benefits that are possible through virtual reality.

With the commitment to contribute to the development of virtual spaces in companies, the American consulting firm, International Executive Consulting LLC offers a series of strategic Interim C Suite Services that help companies enter the world of the metaverse to achieve their business objectives.

The Metaverse Offers Growth Opportunities for Companies:

The metaverse is emerging as a powerful tool for companies to achieve their goals within the digital environment. This virtual universe will allow companies to evaluate the behaviour of users, to know what they say and how they feel within this space of augmented reality. All this data will help them make significant improvements in different aspects of the business, such as readjusting the business plan, creating new advertising strategies and optimizing products and services, aimed at providing customers with new, more interactive and technological experiences.

The Interim CEOs of International Executive Consulting LLC, are trained to advise companies during the process of their digital transformation, helping them to manage all the necessary technologies to fulfil their purposes in the digital ecosystem.

Business Development Specialists:

International Executive Consulting LLC is focused on business development and digital management with a purpose to provide the knowledge, information and technology necessary for organizations to be more productive and profitable.

Our team of professionals has more than 20 years of experience managing technology-based business models, Interim Management, Growth & Expansion and more so they are capable of providing proven and effective strategies. In addition, we offer advice related to topics such as management by missions, strategic plans, digitized management control and training in digital skills, among many more services.

To get the Best Interim Management Services to your business growth, visit International Executive Consulting LLC or drop us an email today – info@interimcsuiteservices.com.

How to Create a Growth Strategy for A Business | International Executive Consulting LLC

Interim executives can assist organizations achieve sustainable growth and acquire customers in order to remain profitable.

The failure rate of startups is well-known. Only one out of every 10 startups succeed in breaking even and becoming a small business. Interim Executives assist entrepreneurs in staying afloat by devising a growth strategy that will attract customers and position the company for long-term success.

Find Your Competitive Advantage as An Interim Executive’s Growth Plan:

What sets you apart from the competition? Every company has a distinct value proposition that attracts clients. You must determine what your unique selling proposition is. It’s low costs for Walmart, high quality for Apple, freshness for Subway, and so on. If you don’t have one, then make one. Determine which technique will help you gain the maximum market share and stick to it.

Build A Relationship with Interim Executives as Part of Their Growth Strategy:

By developing relationships with your first consumers, you may build a strong customer base. Pay attention to their problems and follow up with them to figure out how to make the experience better. If customers are delighted with a product or service, they will promote it to others, resulting in word-of-mouth marketing.

Interim CEO’s Growth Plan Is to Expand into New Areas:

Entering new markets is one strategy to expand. You can accomplish this in one of two ways: by developing new items or by venturing into new territory. Begin with local cities before moving on to larger locations or even countries. Before committing to the neighborhood and investing in a real place, start small by gauging the local response. You may discover that your product performs better in some places than others; investigate why, and then expand into markets with similar growth factors.

Please visit our website or send us an email at info@interimcsuiteservices.com to learn more about how International Executive Consulting LLC can assist you and get the best solutions for your business growth.

What Can You Do to Get Your Business Back on Track?

Are you experiencing significant losses in your business? You, on the other hand, are unable to see the defects in your company. Then International Executive Consulting LLC should be considered. Interim management is provided by International Executive Consulting LLC for your organization in times of crisis or when you require it. Interim managers are well-trained and skilled in dealing with corporate crises. They first stabilize your firm before implementing concepts that will help it grow even further.

Your company may frequently run into a circumstance when your senior or middle-level employees are unable to offer what your company requires. As a result, using interim management services from International Executive Consulting LLC ensures that no business slowdowns occur. It is regarded as one of the greatest interim management firms in California.

Hiring Interim Management services for your company has numerous advantages. The following are a few of them:

Going to the interview procedure during a crisis might be really stressful. Choosing the best candidate from a slew of candidates will be a difficult challenge. Not only that, but after shortlisting a candidate, you must train him for the type of work he would be doing. This will take a significant amount of time and money. Furthermore, squandering time and money on hiring new and permanent employees may end up costing you more in the event of a business crisis.

This problem is fixed by interim management. Have a temporary interim manager because he doesn’t need any training and can start handling problems as soon as he walks into your office. Your company begins to achieve a stable position as a result of his interim management knowledge and skills.

Interim management professionals at International Executive Consulting LLC have been serving for a long time, and their knowledge and talents enable you to recognize and eliminate defects in your firm in a short amount of time. You can secure a quick recovery of your business and save money because they are paid based on productivity and outcomes.

Interim managers have previously worked in a variety of organizations that are similar to yours. Implementing the best tactics from their recommendations can help your company grow faster.

Interim management will offer the necessary structure and time for your company to continue to develop and prosper. Interim management or temporary personnel are hired for a specific period of time. Furthermore, they will be in contact with you and will not interfere with your company’s employee policies. This saves you money on overhead costs that would otherwise be spent on permanent personnel.

As a result of the numerous advantages provided by interim managers from International Executive Consulting LLC, you will undoubtedly outperform your competitors. Interim management recruitment is also offered by International Executive Consulting LLC. Having interim management on hand during a business crisis will greatly assist you and provide your company with stability in a short period of time. As a result, consider interim management from International Executive Consulting LLC for your company’s stability and growth. Visit www.interimcsuiteservices.com for more information.

Learn more about Interim Executives and Interim Management, as well as how they may assist your company. Interim managers are provided by International Executive Consulting LLC to companies in the private and public sectors across the United States.

Interim Management is On The Rise Worldwide | IEC LLC

Interim Management Is Becoming Important On A Global Level

In the beginning, large corporations and listed companies in particular concentrated on temporary management appointments to bridge personnel bottlenecks. The interim manager concept has established itself and is now playing an increasingly important role in small and medium-sized companies. An important factor is the cost, which is directly related to extensive expert knowledge.

Interim Manager – More Than A “Helper In Need”:

If an important manager fails in the middle of the project phase, this circumstance could result in the end of the project or an uncontrollable increase in financial expenses. This is where interim management comes into play and entails temporary filling of specialist positions. Without long waiting times, without costly and time-consuming job advertisements and interviews, the project is continued with the precisely qualified interim manager. All companies benefit from this, regardless of their size and number of employees. The interim manager is therefore not an “emergency helper”, but the best decision for challenging projects that are continued to perfection on schedule despite the failure of an important manager.

Who Is Interim Management For?:

The interim manager culminates vacancies in companies in which an important executive is absent at short notice. This year, the process of interim management has developed particularly in the USA medium- sized & large sized companies established, but more and more small businesses are also making use of it. For example, American family businesses have had very good experiences with interim management and rate this method of “replacement” for managers positively. The demand is increasing significantly, especially in industries where the loss of a manager leads to high financial losses and project uncertainty. Especially commercial companies, the finance and insurance industry as well as accounting are completely convinced of the bridging by an experienced interim manager and its advantages for the company.

Interim Manager | Fast And Professional Bridging Of Vacancies:

The speed of turnover is a clear plus point in interim management. For example, in the transition phase between old and new management positions, experts know that an interim manager can have enormous advantages. Neither the non-occupation nor the temporary occupation in permanent employment are economically efficient decisions of the company.

Sincerity Is Guaranteed With The Interim Manager:

The decision to interim management is a decision that entrepreneurs make for maximum sincerity and core competency. Since the interim manager does not work with the goal of a steep career in the company, they represent their own opinion and give instructions regardless of the company rules. With honest feedback, companies can save a lot of money and operate more economically through interim management. Based on their experience, experts get started right away and with the greatest competence.

At International Executive Consulting LLC, we provide the highly fruitful Interim Management and C Level Executive Consulting Services to our clients along with the Globe. For more information, please visit us today at www.interimcsuiteservices.com or email us at info@interimcsuiteservices.com.

Top C-Suite Skills That’ll Make You a Great Executive

The leader suitable for the C-suite possesses an invaluable set of skills that have been honed to grow, develop and optimize the business.

But, like every leader, an executive’s career is unique as well as the qualities he or she brings to the job. Some executives encounter opportunity and luck throughout their careers, which ultimately propel them directly into the upper echelons of business.

These are the best primary skills all great C-suite officers have:

  1. Leadership:

True leaders set aside time to lead. This means constantly learning and developing to refine your leadership skills. Some people are naturally born with leadership qualities, while others develop the ability to be a good leader over time. Natural leaders have an innate confidence and an allure that inspires trust and a following but it is a skill that all executives are continually building, whether through experience, education, or a combination of the two.

  1. People Management

Good relationships and people management are important for productivity and delivery. Arguably, the greatest asset of a company is its people. As such, it is paramount to have executives who know how to successfully build rapport with employees, stakeholders, investors, consumers, and others inside and outside the business. A good leader must also know how to properly manage those relationships for the betterment of the company.

  1. Strategy:

Without direction, purpose and strategy, no executive, regardless of the business they lead, will be successful. Strategic thinkers measure performance and day-to-day details, making them invaluable to the company. Most importantly, they are able to put these details in the context of the bigger picture.

  1. Change Management:

Being an ‘agent of change’ means more to businesses than ever before. Influenced by market changes, economy, advances in technology and many other external factors, today’s executive must adapt and be able to understand the constant flux of the business environment around him.

  1. Technical Knowledge:

Another skill that remains at the top of today’s executive positions job description is being familiar with technology. Good executives will surround themselves with experts to fill the knowledge gaps within the company. No business today wants an executive without technical knowledge.

The importance placed on technology skills is increasing. Executives need to know not only how to use technology, but how it affects business.

  1. Presentation:

An executive is an executive in everything they do – from their knowledge to their skills, to the way they present themselves, to the way they communicate with others. Soft skills and other intangibles — like being a good relationship builder and the way an executive does it — or themselves — are critical to the overall presentation and impact.

The C-Level Executives of International Executive Consulting LLC have great experience and knowledge about the market and business modules. If you have any questions about C-Suite Services USA, call us – 202-258-5376. We are just a call away. Contact us and get high quality C-Level Executive Services and turn your business logo into a brand.

How Much Does An Interim Executive Cost?

Once owners, board members and investors figure out what an interim is and how an interim can help them, the next question is always how much does an interim executive cost?

The short answer is: there is no shelf rate card for interim officers. Or more accurately, it doesn’t exist for the best interim in the world. There are a few reasons why rate cards don’t exist, not least among our IEC team, an elite group of interim, project and partial executives who have been selected to deliver incredible results across companies because of their track record.

Company positions vary greatly, so the scope of work is always unique:

Your company is your child and your child is like no other in the world. Thus, the leader’s capability you need and the process and deliverables required to achieve the best results is a tailor-made solution – no different than rack, one size fits all experiences. We’ve talked to a lot of owners who are disappointed after having to put out money to the firm that they finally delivered a large binder that includes beautiful charts and templates, but no ability to execute. At International Executive Consulting LLC, we treat your situation as unique, and therefore invest the time and effort to match you with an executive authority as well as a tailor-made comp plan for you.


You can’t get a prescription before sharing your problem:

Your doctor will not give you a prescription or treatment plan before listening to your symptoms. Same goes for interim. When we call with an interim executive, they immediately evaluate 1) what you want to achieve; 2) what is needed for the company to create a successful outcome; and 3) if they are excited about the challenge and believe they can provide value. After they listen to you, we’ll create a custom plan for you that defines time, commitment, and compensation.

The interim and permanent executive pay structure is different:

Contracts for interim officers are always short-term in nature. Interim Executives don’t sit comfortably on a hefty pay check or have a severance or benefits package to back them up as this is the case with regular permanent hires. As such interim always tries to bridge the gap between the performance of the company and where it wants to be. For an interim executive to be successful – knowing they won’t last forever – to go into engagement – they must excel and prove to be valuable every day… or they’re gone.

Fee structure may vary – hourly, daily, monthly, project based. Sometimes there is also a performance bonus or equity incentive if an interim is tasked with creating incredible growth in an organization.

If your company has special needs, the specific fit can be quickly ascertained with an interim Executive, with the outcome of a compensation determination that best suits the company’s objectives.

For detailed information visit International Executive Consulting LLC today or email info@interimcsuiteservices.com.

5 Trends Expanding the Need for Interim Executives in Current Time

Even before the pandemic forced businesses to be more nimble and forward-thinking than ever, the need for Interim Executives was growing. By 2021, we asked 500+ executives to shed light on Interim Executives Roles, a comprehensive survey that included the who, what, and why behind the growth of this category. And now as the world is finally defeating COVID-19, businesses continue to adapt and re-strategize with a new set of challenges, only increasing the need for experienced, “do this” interim executives even more.

To better understand how the current market is determining the need, according to the research, 125 executives answered the same question: “What trend do you expect to have the biggest impact on the interim attribute in the coming year? Guess what?”

The conclusion was clear: Interim Executives are needed now more than ever. Here, we break down five reasons why more organizations are drawing on interim executive leadership:

  1. Businesses are Struggling:

It is no secret that the pandemic, the ensuing recession and global supply chain challenges have caused losses for many medium-sized and lower-middle market companies. Add to this the laundry list of challenges that already exist – such as disruptive technology, global dynamics, fierce competition and changing consumer preferences – and the most finely capitalized and poorly managed businesses felt the heat.

But the market waits for no one. It demands growth, and development with value requires the right strategy, a clear and actionable plan, and adequate resources. To find this, leaders are looking for C-Level Executives in Irvine with a proven track record who can reverse crises, navigate potential bankruptcy, drive rapid growth and contingency plans for worst-case crises. can make. And as businesses continue to reduce expenses, hiring an interim role also offers the additional benefits and severance that comes with expertise and permanent hires without the long-term costs.

  1. The Gig Economy Is Getting Approved:

Several executives surveyed cited the rise of non-traditional employment in everything from technology to financial services to marketing. The interim specialty has followed suit, due to the greater acceptance of outsourced C-suite Executives, increased ability to work remotely, and the need for flexibility within an organization. More CEOs and business owners have become comfortable with key personnel working virtually, which has led them to focus more on the specific skills and expertise that are needed in a role rather than a single one.

  1. Increased Digitization Requires Experienced Leaders:

The shift towards technology-driven everything was already underway, but the pandemic pushed it towards a non-negotiable one. Employees are still working from home, customers cannot accommodate in-person meetings and organizations need tools to facilitate remote transactions and manage remote teams effectively. This means a greater reliance on web-based platforms, data science, artificial intelligence and digital marketing initiatives. Organizations must also modernize and transform to use data as corporate assets.

  1. CEO Retiring:

As more CEOs and senior executives plan their exits — think baby boomers and the leaders behind family-run businesses — owners need help with strategy and development to prepare for successful transitions, whether it’s those people. Those who grow senior management teams with experienced executives, or are selling the company.

Lack of succession planning and failure to provide leadership training for less experienced executives will also hit the market and demand for experienced executives. As Baby Boomers retire and new skills are needed, interim leadership will be called upon to rapidly coach and develop the next generation of leaders, while easing the transition to full-time hires. It is all about bringing a fresh perspective and in-depth operating experience from a trusted source.

  1. Increasing M&A Activity:

Despite the slowdown in early 2020, M&A deals have not only recovered or bounced back, but are expected to continue growing throughout 2021 and 2022. Officials pointed to private equity acquiring distressed businesses, an increase in private credit and direct lending to the middle market. , and the ability to provide liquidity as key factors in the continued growth of the interim specialty for banks where specialist talent is required to lead M&A and acquisition efforts.

Businesses with an adaptable, future-proof infrastructure have weathered the storm and have been able to buy out smaller companies, thanks in large part to consistently low interest rates, access to capital, and an effective vaccine that, despite some hiccups, Running across the country.

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Interim Manager in Business Redevelopment | IE Consulting LLC

“We stop the domino effect.” This sentence perfectly describes the effect of a successful renovation. The sooner you get an expert at your side, the greater your chance of a successful business restructuring. The expertise of the interim managers in the field of reorganization includes, among other things, the operational reorganization and improvement of the corporate structure and processes, the reorganization of controlling, in particular to monitor the success of the reorganization, short- or medium-term liquidity security including working capital management and ensuring sustainable competitiveness.

The Interim Restructuring Manager is also experienced in creating or reviewing independent business reviews (IBR), restructuring and restructuring concepts or IDW S6 reports. Thus, the Interim Manager restructuring takes care of the strategic, financial and operational realignment of your company.

Are you looking for an interim manager with expertise in restructuring?

As one of the market leaders in interim management, International Executive Consulting LLC supports you in finding the right candidate for your job. We will introduce you to the first candidates within 48 hours – for vacancy bridging projects and other topics where you need external know-how as well as for change management processes.

Our Interim CEO offers high flexibility paired with short-term availability and support you with strategic issues as well as with operational implementation support and also bridge possible competence and capacity bottlenecks.

For more information, visit our website now – https://www.interimcsuiteservices.com/!