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An Interim Manager introduces positive attitude, energizes, causes a review of the ways of doing things, prints a new rhythm, generates strategic vision, provides optimism and enhances leadership in the organization.

We are in a new era, characterized by the speed of change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity . Organizations seek to quickly adapt to the situation, fine-tune their structures, improve their productivity, reduce their costs, develop people so that they contribute all their talent… and all this at the lowest cost, since their financial positions have suffered with the latest crises.

Business competitiveness is stronger than ever today. Digital channels, the immediacy of information, the power of consumers and customers, and entrepreneurial trends have made it increasingly difficult to position oneself and have real impact and recognition in the market. Hence, the keys that make a company successful lie in its organizational culture, in its way of working, in its direction and in the work plans focused on fulfilling its mission.

What profiles can I hire when faced with a need in my organization?

There are three main options offered by the market when faced with a management need:

  1. A traditional consulting company with a commercial contract, they are not part of the staff and they are not executives
  2. An executive director with an employment contract: he will be a part of the staff, has higher selection costs, risks and if he has a minimum experience of 15 years, his salary will be very high
  3. An Interim CEO: through a commercial contract, part-time or full-time, not part of the staff, easy selection process, flexible costs, lower risks and very executive

Therefore, an effective solution and in full trend with the market, is the figure of the Interim Manager, a professional with proven experience, superior academic training and a broad and inclusive vision. Unlike a consultant who suggests and proposes, he always executes and implements.

We can define Interim Managers or management by transition, as a strategic tool to address the management of the speed of change and the development of the organization during a certain period of time and with previously defined objectives.

Interim Management aims to strengthen the company’s management capacity while ensuring transparency on the execution of the agreed strategic plan and generating the trust of all partners. In a few words, Interim Management, through the setting of objectives, creates, streamlines and improves the performance of projects and companies.

The average execution time of an Interim Manager is between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the objectives set and the situation of the organization. After this time and having fulfilled the objectives, he leaves the organization, leaving the people on his team trained and educated to continue the work.

It is very important to detail the benefits an Interim Manager or an Interim CEO provides, among which the following should be highlighted:

It is necessary to highlight a key aspect, the exit plan , its adequate articulation is essential so that its work is complete and the organization does not suffer when it leaves.

At International Executive Consulting LLC, we offer productivity and business development strategies based on Interim Management, providing competitiveness so that projects have greater possibilities of development and success. We train your teams through our Training Cycle: Tools to define the mission or purpose, manage the personal brand and develop the business model. To hire us or for more details shoot us an email today at