We will develop and drive profitability improvement, cost reduction, business re- positioning and revenue optimization initiatives for a struggling business.

Revenue is decreasing, cash flow is tight, change in management, more and greater competition or disruption in the market, or your strategy is outdated in today’s market.

It is time to make a turnaround. Analysis, planning and results-oriented management consultation, we work with your company to identify the roots, stabilize operations and make changes to get value to your business.

Turnaround Services include:
  • Interim management
  • Business model assessment
  • Rapid cost reduction
  • Performance Improvement

With decades of experience analyzing and evaluating business operations, we can help you enhance revenue, reduce costs and plan for the future of your company.

Revenue enhancement
  • Sales forecasting and operations planning
  • Product/service portfolio value analysis
  • Pricing strategy
Cost reduction
  • Redesigning business organization structures
Reviewing business processes

Our Modus Operandi: assess the business and ask a series of questions, gather information, evaluate accuracy and analyze it.

Our specialists will be focused on the 4 steps formula:
* Cash Flow
* Core Business
* Restructuring Plan
* Execution

What we bring from our experience: Restoring Credibility, Leadership and Motivation, Negotiator and Leader, Temporary Business Nerve Center and Network of Financing Facilities

How to improve your revenue and your profit while controlling your cost in this challenging economic situation?

Our approach allows optimal customization for your core business and produces a plan for revenue improvements and lays the foundation for future and larger improvements.

We will review with you the following items to improve your efficiency, this includes: Price and Terms, Product Positioning, Marketing Spend, Channels and Partners, Customer Service Organization and Deliveries and New Product Pipeline

It will help us define new processes, new revenue streams, reduce your operation costs and improve your efficiency in terms of delivery and profit.