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Many firms have a notoriously poor track record of success. Statistics reveal that only one out of every ten businesses
Retrenchment: The retrenchment approach of turnaround management refers to a wide range of short-term actions to stabilize the organization, reduce
Security and affiliation: An interim manager is a temporary manager, as the name implies. In a perfect world, this would
Growth requires change, which is never easy. However, organizations today have access to on-demand leadership with a track record of
Perhaps your organization is experiencing cash flow problems. Perhaps you're in the midst of a full-fledged financial catastrophe. You may
With millions of workers joining the Great Resignation, the labor market is still navigating unknown waters, creating labor shortages and
Most of the new generation of freelance executives, like independent consultants, actively chose this career path for a considerable portion
Due to the worldwide economic downturn, business turnaround techniques are in higher demand. Clients of International Executive Consulting LLC's restructuring
It used to be that the necessity for temporary leadership was simple—and rather uncommon. It started when a permanent executive,
An Interim Manager introduces positive attitude, energizes, causes a review of the ways of doing things, prints a new rhythm,