Virtual Advisory Board in the USA | IE Consulting LLC

International Executive Consulting LLC Advisory Board, a seamless platform for CEOs and business owners to leverage the Advisory Board in a more flexible and on-demand model. The IEC hand-picked each consultant for their ability to help business leaders quickly find value. Business leaders can easily communicate and contract with expert advisors from a range of industries and backgrounds on a need basis.

“It is alone at the top. As CEO Cyril Moreau of International Executive Consulting LLC commented, CEOs and business owners are often looking for a reliable source of peer outside their inner circle, which is usually within a particular area of ​​expertise. “They may question the source or agenda of the person giving the initial input; They may accept that they do not have expertise internally; Or they may need an external perspective that a member of their executive team cannot give them. We kept receiving comments from business leaders saying that from I just need to talk to someone. In response, we created the IEC Advisory Board, a trusted community for business leaders who receive expert advice on a particular topic or industry. ”

Some common discussions with consultants include business leaders:

Discuss operational frustrations and some first steps to resolve them

International Executive Consulting LLC consultants consist of a group of selected senior level executives with decades of experience in leading organizations of all sizes in various industries. He was chosen for his ability to ask the right questions and provide valuable insights.