Learn More About Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround Management


The retrenchment approach of turnaround management refers to a wide range of short-term actions to stabilize the organization, reduce financial losses, and address the causes of poor performance. Essentially, it is a strategy for reducing the scope of a company’s operations through downsizing, outsourcing, asset sales, the elimination of unproductive lines, and the abandonment of difficult markets. The goal is to reduce financial losses while increasing productive activity. To improve market position, there is a refocus on the core business.


The re-positioning strategy, also known as an entrepreneurial approach, is utilized to generate money through a shift in market position and product portfolio. Steps are frequently taken to change the company’s objective, investigate other revenue streams, enter new markets, and develop new products or services.


The practice of replacing CEOs or senior managers with new ones is known as a replacement. New managers are seen to be able to breathe new life into a company because of their previous work experience and diverse backgrounds. When you have senior managers or CEOs that are unwilling to look beyond the box and are reluctant to change, it’s time to replace them. Existing leaders may be unqualified or incapable of successfully implementing a turnaround strategy.


The renewal approach focuses on long-term initiatives that will lead to improved performance. Structures that are already in place are examined. Some divisions may be terminated, if necessary, while new projects may be formed to grow into new business areas. Internally, resources or procedures may be eliminated. Innovative core capabilities are frequently used to help a company stay afloat.

We, at International Executive Consulting LLC, help businesses flourish by providing the best turnaround management services. International Executive Consulting LLC takes a holistic approach to the company, focusing on best practices, project management tools, financial elements, change management tools, and strategic reorganization approaches, among other things. Sustainable recovery is far more likely if all these issues are addressed. It’s a rational and systematic method that puts the turnaround management team, important stakeholders, and board members on the same page. International Executive Consulting LLC specializes in assisting organizations with their corporate restructuring needs by implementing the ITMS standards.

Companies may identify where they are in the process and what measures they need to take at any time. Steps are described based on learned reports and case studies that have demonstrated their effectiveness. Our turnaround specialist has a lot of experience with business turnarounds and can use the ITMS with checklists and guided procedures.

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