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Today, Cyril Moreau, our CEO, shares his experience as Interim Manager. This insightful view gives you interesting and useful tips on how to prepare for the client company’s expectations and interim assignments.

Not for the faint hearted:

For the past 20+ years I have been working as a Management Consultant and Interim Manager in the USA and other continents such as MEA, Asia and Europe. Therefore, it is a practitioner’s view of change management in interim management situations, typically in dire situations.

When you work as an Interim CEO you essentially end up working for companies that have had a problem or two, either their profits and liquidity went south – sometimes over years, sometimes quite rapidly – they have an obvious leadership problem or, in the best case scenario, a vacancy due to illness or accident that has to be filled immediately for a limited period of time.

With substantial experience in the health care sector and the pharmaceutical industry, I liken the company’s position to a patient sitting in a consultant’s hospital surgery, awaiting diagnosis and treatment. Of course the difference is that the company speaks with multiple voices and what’s more, most of those voices have their own hidden agenda. A patient usually has seen a GP before being referred to a doctor specialized for their illness. Therefore, sometimes there is already a diagnosis even if it is wrong. The company also has group of GPs, i.e. auditors, banks and sometimes a strategy consultant who needs a person implementing the strategy change by doing some surgeries. And, the quality of early diagnosis varies widely. Whatever metaphor you use to describe the situation, you need to be a quick adaptor and have a keen survival instinct.

Before the first day:

Preparation is paramount. Apart from gathering information about the situation, there are several issues that need to be clarified:

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