How Much Does An Interim Executive Cost?

Once owners, board members and investors figure out what an interim is and how an interim can help them, the next question is always how much does an interim executive cost?

The short answer is: there is no shelf rate card for interim officers. Or more accurately, it doesn’t exist for the best interim in the world. There are a few reasons why rate cards don’t exist, not least among our IEC team, an elite group of interim, project and partial executives who have been selected to deliver incredible results across companies because of their track record.

Company positions vary greatly, so the scope of work is always unique:

Your company is your child and your child is like no other in the world. Thus, the leader’s capability you need and the process and deliverables required to achieve the best results is a tailor-made solution – no different than rack, one size fits all experiences. We’ve talked to a lot of owners who are disappointed after having to put out money to the firm that they finally delivered a large binder that includes beautiful charts and templates, but no ability to execute. At International Executive Consulting LLC, we treat your situation as unique, and therefore invest the time and effort to match you with an executive authority as well as a tailor-made comp plan for you.


You can’t get a prescription before sharing your problem:

Your doctor will not give you a prescription or treatment plan before listening to your symptoms. Same goes for interim. When we call with an interim executive, they immediately evaluate 1) what you want to achieve; 2) what is needed for the company to create a successful outcome; and 3) if they are excited about the challenge and believe they can provide value. After they listen to you, we’ll create a custom plan for you that defines time, commitment, and compensation.

The interim and permanent executive pay structure is different:

Contracts for interim officers are always short-term in nature. Interim Executives don’t sit comfortably on a hefty pay check or have a severance or benefits package to back them up as this is the case with regular permanent hires. As such interim always tries to bridge the gap between the performance of the company and where it wants to be. For an interim executive to be successful – knowing they won’t last forever – to go into engagement – they must excel and prove to be valuable every day… or they’re gone.

Fee structure may vary – hourly, daily, monthly, project based. Sometimes there is also a performance bonus or equity incentive if an interim is tasked with creating incredible growth in an organization.

If your company has special needs, the specific fit can be quickly ascertained with an interim Executive, with the outcome of a compensation determination that best suits the company’s objectives.

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